SSI Schedule Excellence and Auditing Tools


SSI Tools can help you perform self-assessments of your project to identify potential problems and identify actions you can take to improve your schedule. You can build custom audits, run batch audit reports, the DCMA 14 Point Assessment, and the DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics (DECM). If your project is subject to GAO or DCMA audits, SSI Tools will help ensure compliance and acceptance of your data.

Features of SSI Schedule Integrity Audit Tools

Use SSI Tools to run the DCMA 14 Point Assessment

Learn About the Other SSI Tools for Microsoft Project

SSI Tools for Microsoft Project Ribbon
Show All Tasks Button Post Task Status Adjust Task End Date Open Watchlist Tools SSI Toolbox Cobra & MPM Bridge Tools Open Example Project SSI Tools Help Check for Updates Copy/Paste Assignments SSI QBD Tools

Show All Tasks Button

Click this button to clear all sorting, filters, and groups and expand all levels of the Work Breakdown Structure.

Post Task Status

Ensure valid status of tasks with SSI’s Post Task Status form.  Invalid dates (projected dates before or actual dates after the current project status date) are shown in yellow to remind you to address their status. 

Change remaining resource assignment values while keeping dates as they are.  No need to constantly change task type from Fixed Duration/Work/Units while estimating remaining resource values for in-progress tasks.

Adjust Task End Date

Pick a date from a simple calendar pop-up and have SSI Tools calculate how much to increase or decrease a task’s duration to reach that date – without adding date constraints.

Open Watchlist Tools

The SSI Watchlist is useful for tracking variances on key items in one section of a schedule as you are working in another section of a schedule. Each time you make a change in the schedule that has the potential to cause a variance to the key milestones, you can click Check for Variances to see if any of your changes has caused a schedule variance relative to the dates you are tracking.

SSI Toolbox

The toolbox is a collection of useful time saving features anyone who works with Microsoft Project will want. Features such as: Adding common predecessors or successors to selected tasks, adding common prefixes or suffixes to text data, replacing text with different values, making text proper case, etc.

Cobra & MPM Bridge Tools

SSI Tools includes two "bridge" tools to generate import files (transaction files) for schedule integration with Deltek MPM™ or Deltek Cobra™ - two popular Earned Value Management tools.
SSI’s EVM bridge tools solve the problem of “fiscal period” reporting by letting you define your own reporting calendar rather than using standard calendar weeks or months.

Open Example Project

SSI Tools is packaged with an example project that you can use as a playground to try out and learn all of your SSI Tools.

SSI Tools Help

Gain access to SSI's knowledge base. Here you will find detailed information on each tool, and exactly how to use them.

Check for Updates

Check to make sure you are always on the latest version of SSI Tools by checking for updates. Set update preferences, and be notified of new updates automatically.

Copy/Paste Assignments

Use this tool to copy resource assignments from one task and paste them on others. You can paste them on a single task or multiple!


Quantifiable Backup Data (QBD) is often required on schedules adhering to Earned Value requirements on any tasks that have long baseline durations. Tracking and managing QBD on each task can be quite the hassle, and auditors often want to see a task's accompanying QBD. With the SSI QBD Tools, you will be able to assign, track, and status QBD steps with just a few clicks.