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Critical Path Analysis

Do you know what's driving that key milestone? SSI Trace Tools will quickly isolate tasks that are “driving” project items with a single click.

Training and Consulting

SSI offers world class training & consulting on topics such as: Project Scheduling, Microsoft Office, Earned Value, SSI Tools, etc.

Project Presentations

Need to summarize your schedule? SSI Presentation Professional will allow you to create executive level PowerPoint presentations with a single click.

Managing Multiple Projects

Managing multiple projects can be difficult. Thats why we made the SSI Multi-Project Tools. These make combining/separating Project files easy.

Project Status

You need to record the up to date status in your schedules. The SSI Statusing Tools can help you easily distribute and import team member inputs into a project.

Project Analyses

Whether you need to run a Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA), Schedule Sensitivity Analysis, or Earned Value analysis, SSI Tools has you covered.

Resource Analysis

How are the resources in your schedule being utilized? SSI’s Time Scaled Values Report shows you how resources are used during time periods you can define.

Schedule Excellence

Will your schedule pass an audit or inspection? SSI Tools will help you keep your schedule in tip top shape with it's collection of audits and metrics

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