SSI Presentation Professional

Build Better Presentations

Structured Solutions Inc.’s Presentation Professional enables users to create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations containing shapes that are linked to Microsoft Project schedule items. The purpose of this tool is to enable rapid production and efficient maintenance of “to-the-point”, executive level PowerPoint presentations that convey the status and performance of key and critical schedule events and life cycle phases.

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Schedule Presentations Made Easy

Presentation Professional allows you to create beautiful professional looking presentations for management or your customer with a single click.

Present What You Want

Presentation Pro allows you to create charts based on your selection in Project. Use all the built-in sorting & filtering tools to nail down exactly what you want to show your audience.

Stay in Sync With Your Schedule

Always stay in sync with the real schedule without needing to create new charts. Presentation Professional will update your charts with single click.

Other Examples of what you can do with SSI Presentation Professional